You Have Been Human Resourced - With Attorney Bartina Edwards

Walking Papers

Oct 21 2019 • 26 mins

On this episode, attorney Josh Van Kampen sits down with attorney Bartina Edwards of the Law Office of Bartina Edwards to explore how and when an employee should make a report to human resources.

First, we hear Attorney Edwards discussing bias in the workplace and what a person should and should not do if they notice bias. (2:30) She then talks about using the power of three to navigate issues at work. (8:40) Often, situations arise that may best addressed through the use of an attorney before involving human resources. Attorney Edwards addresses why why it is important to talk with an attorney that can give you a strategy before a problem arises. (11:48)

Josh and Attorney Edwards spend a few minutes discussing common mistakes employees make when dealing with coworkers, supervisors, and human resources. (14:30) Josh then identifies why it is important to be explicit when talking about discrimination (not fairness!) once it becomes clear your employer is beginning to take formal steps against you. (18:50) The podcast concludes with a discussion about different protected groups and why it is essential to act quickly when you are discriminated against at work. (22:50)

To learn more about Attorney Bartina Edwards, visit her website at or email her at You can learn more about her workplace consulting company, CP3 Paradigm, by visiting the website

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