Faith in the Marketplace (w/ Yemi Mobolade, David Leinweber, Joel Malick)

The COSILoveYou Podcast

Feb 1 2022 • 49 mins

In this episode of the COSILoveYou podcast, we’ll sit down with 3 men who operate in very different arenas of the local marketplace to talk about the intersection of faith and business. While businesses operated by faith-driven owners or leaders often have faith-centered values and principles behind their operations, there are everyday challenges that can lead to these owners feeling confused about how to bring their faith to work. Specifically, we’ll discuss the hidden challenges of operating a business from a place of faith in ways that benefit employees, clients, and customers without making them feel objectified or judged. We’ll also give you a preview of some ways that COSILoveYou hopes to convene more of these conversations around faith & business in the coming months.