The Company Doctors - Business Exam Room

William McKinley

The Company Doctors – Business Exam Room Podcast focuses on inspiring and motivating leaders and business families by interviewing entrepreneurs, business owners, non-profit founders and people of interest.  We share their successes, failures, different approaches, practical tips and provide insight into what guides them, to help you in  your journey to find success, professionally and  personally. Hosted by business turn-around guru, Randy McKinley and Eileen Frere-McKinley, a veteran broadcaster, former reporter with KABC TV- Los Angeles, CBC TV and Radio.

Episode 3: Episode 26 | Ivy Dai "LA to French Rivera Learns to ask for Help"Episode 2: Episode 25 | Harnessing the Power of Linked in to grow your businessEpisode 24: Episode 24 | TCD "Start Fresh w/ Techniques to Organize & Cut Labor Costs"Episode 23: Episode 23 | Viet Pham & Sister "Bring a list of Ideas to Life - Refugees to Restaurateur"Episode 22: Episode 22 | Daniel Blue Entrepreneur/Best Selling Author "Troubled childhood to Expert on using Retirement Funds Tax & Penalty Free"Episode 21: Episode 21 The Company Doctors CEO talks about Motivating Employees W/O Spending MoneyEpisode 20: Episode 20 - Essteem New Startup "Revolutionizing Tech Equality Hiring w/ Hackathons"Episode 19: Episode 19 - Carousel USA VP Elisha Ogg Talks Car Turntables and taking them for a Spin!Episode 18: Episode 18 - Robert Peterson "The Power of Mentorship"Episode 17: Episode 17 - "Sandy Marshall + STEM are Breaking the Glass Ceiling for Young Girls"Episode 16: Episode 16 | "The Business of Peace" Can it be Profitable?Episode 15: Episode 15-Mandar Apte Nicknamed "The Game Changer" | How to Unleash your InnovationEpisode 14: Episode 14 | Mike :Learakos AboundFoodCare Non-Profit "Eliminating Food Waste & Helping the Planet!"Episode 13: Episode 13 | Retired CMDR Joe Levy "Shares Skills to Handle Conflict at Work ie: De-escalation"Episode 12: Episode 12 - Tam Nguyen (Part 2) Re-Imagining the Nail Salon Industry to Win thanks to CovidEpisode 11: Episode 11 | Tam Nguyen "1 yr Old Refugee to owning the Largest Nails 1st College in USA"Episode 10: Episode 10 |Paul Carney - Living Trust vs a Will? Smaller could mean more Profit?Episode 9: Episode 9 | Tony Watson Interview "The 5 things to focus on to grow a new Business"Episode 8: Episode 8 | Tony Watson-Robert Hall |"Secrets to keep more of what you make for Sm. Businesses"Episode 7: Episode 7 - Carmen Rad Part 2 "Hidden Lessons of a Self Made Entrepreneur"