Principles of Leadership - Alex Gertsburg - Episode #12

CEO Confidential

Aug 20 2021 • 1 hr 9 mins

Host, Alex Gertsburg, is interviewed by fellow podcaster, Casey Cheshire of Ringmaster Conversational Marketing and shares an important story of ego and how to not let it affect your personal and professional life. Alex dives into his personal growth on handling insecurities, staying vulnerable, and creating a successful work environment.


  • When a professional relationship becomes toxic to your work environment, it is okay to sever ties.
  • Mindfulness training and meditation have helped many professionals with stress and anxiety levels.
  • Attitude is a choice. Gratitude is the enemy of anxiety and fear
  • If you are going to have partners, who you want to be empowered and considered equals, be transparent and communicate to build trust.
  • Be flexible and listen to your peers. Try to remove yourself from thinking “what should have been?”
  • “The best way to be a leader, partner, and advocate is by being totally vulnerable, open, and transparent.” - Alex
  • Failure is healthy and a learning opportunity.
  • Fun Fact: Alex was born in the country of Moldova


  • “The Laws of Lifetime Growth” - Dan Sullivan
  • “Man’s Search for Meaning” - Viktor E. Frankl
  • Podcast — The Tim Ferriss Show
  • “The Success Principles” - Jack Canfield
  • Breathwrk - App
  • “Getting to Yes” - Roger Fisher and William Ury


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