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Divorce rates are higher than ever. The single-parent epidemic is running rampant in society. Men are more lacking in self-confidence and desperate for sex than ever (​ex: the​ OnlyFans market). STD rates are at an all-time high​ (from the CDC)​.​ Clearly, the​ natural communion & symbiosis between men and women has been fractured. I created The Levels of Love Podcast to examine why that's occurred and to discuss all the components necessary for successful and healthy male/female interactions--from the position of us understanding how and why we both see the world differently. ~T.S.P~

STDs Condoms WON'T Protect You From (LLP #9)
May 8 2022
STDs Condoms WON'T Protect You From (LLP #9)
Family,   When it comes to safe sexual practices,  in 2022, we need to shed this "It'll never happen to me" attitude regarding our chances of catching an STD, even if you are already married or in a relationship and have complete trust in your significant other. The fact is, if either of you have never been tested, it's time to be.   Because, some sexually transmitted diseases don't give certain people any obvious symptoms. There aren't always some hideous-looking bumps on someone's lips or genitals nor some painful sensation when someone urinates. Because the fact is, the CDC reported that, in 2016 alone, there were more than two million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis in the United States.  That staggering number is of epidemic proportions.  And, many of those with these types of infections exhibited no symptoms. Luckily, those cases I named are relatively treatable and can be somewhat prevented if protection is used, but want about the STDs that can't be cured?  What about the ones that can't be prevented by wearing protection?  And, what about the STDs, not just HIV, that can be fatal? In the 8th edition of the "Levels of Love Tips," I wanted to dive into this topic, one that I feel most people aren't having a true and honest discussion about before entering into a relationship and engaging in intercourse.  Regardless of how awkward the topic is to talk about, it's time to claim responsibility as adults in understanding the true dangers STDs pose, how we can prevent them, and the long-lasting effect they can have on our own generations.  Also, as adults, we need to begin being honest and open with our young folks about the risks of engaging in intercourse, emotionally and physically, and about the inherited responsibility that is attached to doing so. Otherwise, this viciously rampant epidemic will continue to spiral out of control, and it will lead to long-lasting health problems and to the needless loss of life.     From the Soul, T.S.P. ----- For relationship advice questions: p: 817-382-1108 (text only) e: TheLevelsOfLove@gmail.com If you've found the information you've heard in this edition to be practical, enlightening, or beneficial in some way, please consider making a monetary contribution to this platform (any dollar amount). This type of media only exists because of you, The People. PayPal: $thestormypoet --- Send in a voice message: