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The Dark Side of Drinking: How to Die from Alcohol
Jul 1 2024
The Dark Side of Drinking: How to Die from Alcohol
Join Dr. Gandolfo as he delves into the pervasive and often devastating impacts of alcohol consumption on our health. In this eye-opening episode, Dr. Gandolfo discusses the definitions of light, moderate, and heavy alcohol use, and reviews the myriad ways that alcohol can harm your body. Learn about the signs of alcohol use disorder and discover simple questions you can answer to assess whether you or a loved one may have a problem with alcohol. Dr. Gandolfo shares a poignant case study of a patient with alcohol-induced liver cirrhosis, illustrating the severe consequences of long-term heavy drinking. He also explores the broader societal impact of alcohol, including its role in accidents, violence, and various cancers. Whether you drink occasionally, socially, or heavily, this episode provides crucial insights into the risks associated with alcohol consumption. Tune in to understand how alcohol can affect your heart, liver, brain, and overall health, and learn why it's important to address alcohol use issues early. Be sure to subscribe to The Real GI Doc Show for more insights, and reach out with your questions on social media @realgidoc or leave an audio question for Dr. Gandolfo here. References cited in this episode: Resources to get help with alcohol problemsEstimated Deaths Attributed to Excess Alcohol Use Among U.S. Adults Find The Real GI Doc Show on social media, join the newsletter, read Dr. Gandolfo's bio, or ask a question using this link.