The SECRET to MOVING with FREEDOM w/ Dan Altman #33

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Nov 30 2022 • 1 hr 13 mins

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Dan Altman is a movement genius who is committed to helping people become conscious of the ways they move and bringing them back to primal forms of human movement.

My first experience with Dan’s work when was I stumbled across his page on Instagram. I was instantly captivated by his ability to effortlessly express some of the most incredible movements I had ever witnessed. I was so inspired I decided to invest in his Fundamentals Movement program which allowed me to access states of flow within and throughout my body I had never experienced before.

In this podcast we discussed:

  • How movement practices such as yoga, dance, or MMA CAN increase the risk of injury, decrease longevity, and/or kill creativity
  • Why understanding biomechanics, how our bodies are designed to move, is vital to moving in a way that avoidance of pain and promotion of longevity
  • His secret to unlocking high-level skills & MOVEMENT FREEDOM

Much love and peace be with you


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