Unlocking the secrets to legal innovation in 2023

CL Talk

Oct 2 2023 • 28 mins

While innovation is what drives the best law firms, it’s something many struggles to define, let alone demonstrate, for their clients. For McCarthy Tétrault, innovation is second nature. It means helping clients tackle their most pressing issues effectively and creatively. In this highly informative podcast sponsored by McCarthy Tétrault, we explore what legal innovation looks like, how it is being adapted, and how it can ultimately enable law firms to thrive in an era of rapid change and dynamic client demands. Listen to the podcast now and gain insights on: • The current challenges that law firms and clients are experiencing, and how they can collaborate to tackle their most pressing issues. • What to keep front of mind when leveraging and implementing • Real challenges that McCarthy Tétrault solved for their clients. • The explosive growth of AI and key opportunities for law firms and the broader business community. Don’t miss this essential podcast – hit play now.