Ladies of Valhalla l Danielle Trussoni, The Ancestor and Crypto-Z

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Apr 22 2020 • 1 hr 22 mins

An American, a Canadian and a Brit walk into a bar stay at home. But this isn’t a bad joke, this is the Ladies of Valhalla…

In this episode, the Ladies are talking to Danielle Trussoni, author and audio drama creator, about her forthcoming novel The Ancestor and its companion audio drama/podcast Crypto-Z!

Next month they really will be taking a deep dive into the 2020 Netflix original movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: PS I Still Love You

The Ladies of Valhalla podcast is hosted by Sarah Miles, Bronwyn Kelly-Seigh and Jessica Garris-Schaeffer, and is a monthly look at media from female-identifying creators, or featuring female-identifying characters.  You can find the hosts on Twitter (@ValhallaLadies) or Facebook ( or email them on

The Ladies of Valhalla logo was created by Jessica Garris-Schaeffer.

‘The Valhallan’, the theme music for Ladies of Valhalla, was created by SuperbadLarry

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Danielle’s website –

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SCP Foundation –

Montauk Monster –

Hodag –

Mongolian Death Worm –