EE 076: Assisting Our Afghani Allies with Lyla Kohistany and Ashley Sogge

Endless Endeavor with Greg Anderson

Dec 2 2021 • 1 hr 24 mins

In Episode 76 I sit down with Lyla Kohistany and Ashley Sogge. Both women are military veterans and Lyla is an Afghan refugee herself that fled Afghanistan in the 80s. They served overseas as active-duty service members and saw the need to help the refugees in the countries that are plagued by war. Now in a civilian capacity both Lyla and Ashley are working with Task Force Pineapple, not only to facilitate relocating Afghan refugees, but also further assisting the refugees that have already been relocated. They are also providing aid to the people that are left inside of Afghanistan that hope to one day flee the now Taliban controlled county themselves. Task Force Pineapple will be renamed “Honor the Promise” officially on January 1st and they received their 501C3 status. If you are compelled to help their cause, direct links to where you can donate are in the show notes. These are two incredible ladies doing big things! Please enjoy episode 76 of the Endless Endeavor Podcast.


Task Force Pineapple’s website for donations:

  • https://taskforcepineapple.org/donate/

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