Ep 30: Reggie Bugmuncher (Sideshow Performer)

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Apr 24 2023 • 50 mins

Ep 30: Reggie Bugmuncher (Sideshow Performer)

Reggie is an American entertainer based in Sacramento, California. She is ½ of the Olde City Sideshow, and has been performing in circus & sideshow for over a decade. As a solo performer, she travels the country working everything from the midway to nightclubs and variety shows. Reggie is one of the few women in the world performing several unique acts such as the an a tom i cal wonder act and riding a motorcycle in a high wire thrill show. She has appeared on the Gong Show, Americas Got Talent, been featured in stories by news outlets from Fox to NPR and in books and magazines on Tattoos and Sideshow. She has opened up for Primus, suspended for Jane's Addiction, performed for Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and at Tattoo Conventions across the globe.

Reggie also has a Masters degree from Philadelphia University in Disaster Medicine & Management, has volunteered and been deployed with the Philadelphia & Sacramento Medical Reserve Corps, worked as an EMT in PA and spent all of the Pandemic working in California on the Covid-19 response effort.

Reggie has BLS certification through the AHA and is a licensed and insured performer and marriage officiant who you can count on to be prepared for anything.



Songs used

Richie by BJ Snowden


I Never Feel Alone (Instrumental)

There Was a Light (Instrumental)


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