Ep 32: Mojo Nixon (Musician/Activist/DJ) Live Interview about his life and the new documentary

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May 3 2023 • 1 hr 32 mins

Ep 32: Mojo Nixon (Musician/Activist/DJ) Interview about his life and the documentary (The Mojo Manifesto - The Life and Times of Mojo Nixon)

This was recorded live and released as is!

I first heard of Mojo Nixon from the line in the song "Punk Rock Girl" from the Dead Milkmen. In this interview, co-hosted by an.earful.of.wax, we talk about his southern liberal roots, his awakenings from using psychedelic mushrooms, his activism, his connection to the Dead Milkmen, Hunter S. Thompson, Woody Guthrie, his influences from old blues singers and outsider musicians, what he'd do if he was President, his work with Jim Dickinson, and much more.

Some truly great stories from this true American hero.

I want to thank


for doing research, co-hosting, and helping to develop this episode.

Please check out his amazing Instagram where he shares amazing country, gospel, and much more.

I want to thank Matt Esker the director of the documentary who connected us with Mojo


Please check out

Mojo Nixon's Radio Show


Trailer of The Mojo Manifesto - The Life and Times of Mojo Nixon


INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/mojomanifesto

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/TheMojoManifesto

WEBSITE: mojomanifestomovie.com

TWITTER: twitter.com/mojomanifesto

TIK TOK: @mojomanifesto

Thanks to Superfan Jay Luttrell (as seen in the documentary) who runs

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Interviewed and edited by Richie Wexler


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