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The One Where We Talk Planning
The One Where We Talk PlanningThe One Where We Talk About MonitoringThe One Where We Rise from the Dead Like ZombiesThe One Where We Talk About DevOps HousekeepingThe One Where We Talk About Feature FlagsThe One Where We Talk About NothingThe One Where We Come Back from Two Weeks Off
Episode 26 finds that Mickey and Brian took two weeks off. The good news is no one was sick. The bad news it was just because work and life ran us over. No vacation for either of us!Covid-19 UpdateBrianHappy to report grandma is good to go; see her Sept. 2Kids start school "from home" last WednesdayMickeyGirls have both started back at schoolI'm still on lockdownI have perfected Fried Chicken and PorkchopsLooking into mesh networksGeneral LifeBrianConsidering writing a DevOps related bookConsulting continuesStar WarsPossible upcoming virtual show (not Ignite)2 day workshop - Make a Modern Serverless System with GitHub and the Azure CloudMickeyFinished a two week gig with customer and TiagoThree new audio books in the pipelineTrying out notion.so as a digital bullet journalKetoNewsIntroducing GitHub Container RegistryAzure DevOps "brown out"Let’s Hack a Pipeline: Argument InjectionDefault Branch Name for New Repos in Azure DevOpsThis walks you through how to set the default branch name in new repositoriesGitHub/Renaming RepoThis repo talks about the changes GitHub is making in moving away from the "master" branch nameWhat's New in Azure Boards Sprint 174Understanding Azure DevOps Deployment PatternsThe article does a decent job of talking about the patterns, and I think we should talk about each pattern. However, it is misleading because it doesn't really have anything to do with Azure DevOps. I think it is because they are talking about DevOps in Azure (the cloud), not Azure DevOps (the product)What Can't Mickey Let Go OfJessie's Girl 2Coheed & CambriaWhat Can't Brian Let Go OfAzure Boards for FamiliesMovie time on the weekendsFinished the Hobbit with the girl and just got the 3D version to try (don't @ me)The Matrix Trilogy with the boyJurassic Park with Family on FridaysHarry Potter movies on SaturdayConsidering MulanShow Wrap Up Find Brian at his blog at https://blog.brianrandell.com or on Twitter at @brianrandell or via e-mail: brianr@mcwtech.com Find Mickey at http://mickeygousset.com/ or on Twitter at @mickey_gousset or via e-mail mickeygousset@github.com or on Youtube You can find out more about the show at https://devops.fm or e-mail theshow@devops.fm Thanks for listening!
Sep 2 2020
55 mins
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