10-Month-Old Border Collie is More Interested in Other Dogs Than Me

Leerburg Dog Training Podcast

Jan 26 2023 • 15 mins

In this episode, Ed Frawley shares a question from the Ask Cindy database. Today's question focuses on engagement with a young, but a maturing puppy. This question asks how to improve engagement around other dogs. | Links mentioned: | Engagement Skills with Forrest Micke - Online Course: https://university.leerburg.com/Catalog/viewCourse/cid/6 | Training the Recall with Michael Ellis - Online Course: https://university.leerburg.com/Catalog/viewCourse/cid/176 | Leerburg Long Lines: https://leerburg.com/longlines.htm | Why Dog Parks are a Bad Idea - Article: https://leerburg.com/dogparks.htm | The Power of Training Dogs with Food with Michael Ellis - Online Course: https://university.leerburg.com/Catalog/viewCourse/cid/84 | The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog with Michael Ellis - Online Course: https://university.leerburg.com/Catalog/viewCourse/cid/88 | Advanced Concepts in Motivation with Michael Ellis - Online Course: https://university.leerburg.com/Catalog/viewCourse/cid/102 | Training Treats and Bait Bags: https://leerburg.com/treats.htm