The Sensitive Rebel

Steve McCready

You go against the grain and you want to make a difference, but you struggle to stay on course in a world full of norms and noise.

It’s hard to change the world when it touches you deeply, but that sensitivity can be a superpower.

You’re a sensitive rebel…and this podcast is for you.

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Mar 15 2021
56 seconds
Exploring The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship and The Perfect Day With Darren Joe
Darren Joe is an entrepreneur, writer, and podcast host. In 2012, he started Touch MBA, which has helped thousands of applicants worldwide get into the world’s top business schools. He hosts the Touch MBA Admissions Podcast, one of the top-ranked MBA podcasts. As well as ASE, a podcast which explores how self-employed creators and entrepreneurs manage their well-being and do their best work. In April 2021, he published his first book, The Fail-Safe Solopreneur: 6 Essential practices to manage your well-being working for yourself. A graduate of Princeton University, he resides in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. A former Division 1 tennis player, Darren enjoys salsa dancing and playing Cataan to relax. I had a great time talking to Darren and really appreciate how genuine he is and the perspective he brings to entrepreneurship and life. Some of the topics we discussed:* The power of mastermind groups and importance of how they’re facilitated* The power of small groups vs. large ones* The importance of connecting with others on a similar path* The importance and power of ranking your day* The concept of the perfect day & what makes a perfect day* The importance of looking both at the ups and the downs / the light and the dark side of business* The danger (and opportunity) in comparison* How Darren's parents responded to his book * Darren’s big challenge going forwardConnect with Darren:Web - https://upstartist.tvPodcast -  https://upstartist.tv/aseInstagram - https://instagram.com/freeyourinnerguruThe Fail-Safe Solopreneur: https://upstartist.tv/the-fail-safe-solopreneur/Amazon/Audible link for The Fail-Safe Solopreneur: https://amzn.to/3ghY6bfConnect with Steve:Email - steve@sensitiverebel.comWeb - https://sensitiverebel.comYouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk7zd5kba1SQZOyM5sKKiVAInstagram - https://instagram.com/thesensitiverebelP.S. One note I want to make is that this interview was recorded a couple of months prior to publication, so Darren’s comments about the COVID-related restrictions in Vietnam do not reflect the current environment there.
Oct 27 2021
1 hr 25 mins
Laura Tucker Helps Steve Free His Inner Guru
Laura Tucker is a writer, photographer, podcaster, and recovering coach. She and I connected a while back, and in discussing our ideas about personal growth, coaching, gurus, and more, came up with the idea of a podcast swap … and then took it to another level by swapping the guest & host roles. So, in this episode, Laura took the host chair and interviewed me!Here’s some of what we talked about: How I accidentally became a professional artistMy journey from IT to therapy and coaching Differences between therapy and coachingWhat I’m rebelling against The ‘big why’ behind my coaching work What’s a Sensitive rebel, anyway?What’s an HSP?How sensitivity can be a strength. My Instagram ‘strategy’Why I started a podcast, and some of my favorite ones to listen toThe power of music, and some of my favorite music. The importance of one’s physical environmentDefinitely check out Laura’s Free Your Inner Guru podcast … a good place to start would be the ‘companion’ interview to this one - my interview of her, which is episode 93 of the Free Your Inner Guru podcast. We had a great conversation about her story, her experience with James Arthur Ray, and how the Sedona sweat lodge incident in 2009 which she was a part of affected her and informed her journey. Connect with Laura:Web - https://lauratucker.comPodcast- https://freeyourinnerguru.comInstagram -  https://instagram.com/freeyourinnerguru (podcast)Instagram - https://instagram.com/thatlauratucker (photography)Connect with Steve:Email - steve@sensitiverebel.comWeb - https://sensitiverebel.comYouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk7zd5kba1SQZOyM5sKKiVAInstagram - https://instagram.com/thesensitiverebel
Oct 13 2021
59 mins
Don't Settle, Adapt - with Author Daniel Arthur SmithDr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn Goes Beyond Rehabilitation
Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn is a Professor in the School of Nursing at California State University, Sacramento (CSUS). She received her Doctor of Education from St. Mary’s College and Masters of Science in Nursing at CSUS, focusing on trauma-informed care with an emphasis on building resilience and post-traumatic growth (PTG). She developed the word Metahabilitation, to describe a more optimistic and productive outcome in the aftermath of trauma, and her research provided a strengths-based clinical pathway guiding individuals toward PTG. Her post-doctoral research focused on how traumatic experiences also build resilience and bring forth Post-Traumatic Growth  in secondary and vicarious trauma survivors as well as communities. Along with the course she created at CSUS, Traumatology. An Introduction to Post-traumatic Growth, she continues to research, lecture and directly apply Metahabilitation in a variety of rehabilitation and recovery settings. Her second book on the subject, Anatomy of a Survivor. Building Resilience Grit and Growth After Trauma, was released in April 2021.Topics discussed include:Dr. Mikal-Flynn’s own traumatic event and recovery from itWhat ‘Metahabilitation’ is and how it worksThe importance of support system in any recovery processReframing challenges and struggles as starting points vs. end points The power and importance of permission and control in recoveryGet in Touch with Dr. Joyce:Web - https://metahab.comInstagram - https://instagram.com/dr.jmfGet in Touch with Steve:Email: steve@sensitiverebel.comInstagram: https://instagram.com/thesensitiverebel
Sep 15 2021
1 hr 7 mins
How Joe Perrone Went From Burnout to Time FreedomKim Chernecki is Helping People Transform Their Relationship With 'The Man'Frank Haberle is Rebelling Against ComparisonAdam Lamb is Rethinking Restaurants
Note:  This episode discusses a number of sensitive topics (sexual assault, substance abuse, suicide) and contains a lot of explicit language. My guest on this episode is Adam M. Lamb. Adam is a speaker, author, coach, and consultant to the hospitality industry as an expert in mental health and wellness, addiction, organizational culture, and mentorship. Known as “The Quantum Chef”, Adam has been a professional chef for over thirty years and is also the producer and host of the podcast Chef Life Radio, dedicated to inspiring professional chefs working towards a more equitable and sustainable culinary culture.Adam's published works include: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable, Profanity & Its Proper Use, and An Initiated Man, Finally. His newest book, Circle Jerk – Lessons of Manhood My Father Never Taught Me, is due in summer 2022. He lives with his wife, Jennifer, In the Blue Ridge Mountains, where he produces a line of Pepper Sauces and makes goat cheese in his spare time.Topics discussed include:Adam’s first restaurant job and the surprising driver that led Adam to pursue a career in hospitalityAdam's childhood and the tragic event that re-shaped his familyWhy community & connection is so important for AdamThe prevalance of substance abuse & suicide in the restaurant industryAdam’s take on the current crisis facing the restaurant industryThe origin and re-boot of Adam's podcastThe importance of self-care and Adam’s regular routineConnect w/Adam:Email: adam@foodwerksinc.com Phone: 828-515-1020FacebookTwitter Instagram
Jul 14 2021
1 hr 14 mins
Doug Brown on Pacing Yourself, Acceptance, and Community
As the chief learning officer of Summit Success International, Doug Brown manages the learning programs for Summit Success and also coaches lawyers, entrepreneurs and C-Level executives who are determined to make more money in less time so they can live the life they want and deserve. Initially inspired to pursue an entrepreneurial path from witnessing his mother sell Tupperware, Doug has spent the last 25 years working as an attorney, MBA professor, and entrepreneur who’s helped create and turn-around multiple 7 and 8 figure businesses.One of the ways that some sensitive rebels deal with the challenges of their professional lives is by turning out their feelings. While you can do it for a time, it comes with a price, as you’ll hear in our conversation. You’ll also learn about how Doug’s adjusted his approach to find a way that allows him to  make a powerful impact in the world while doing meaningful work and finding time and energy for things beyond work. Topics covered include:Acceptance of our limitations and creating a sustainable approach to workThe importance and value of community to support you on your professional journeyThe power of 'yes and' vs. 'either-or' Using your experiences, both good and bad, to more powerfully serve others. Connect with Doug:Email: doug@summit-success.comWeb: summit-success.comConnect with Steve:Email:  steve@sensitiverebel.comWeb:  sensitiverebel.comYouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk7zd5kba1SQZOyM5sKKiVAInstagram: https://instagram.com/thesensitiverebel
Jul 7 2021
1 hr
Tzeli Trianatfillou on Defining Success, Using Painful Events to Drive Change, and the Power of Pausing
My guest for this episode is Tzeli Triantafillou. Tzeli is a Toxicologist and a Stress Resilience and Wellness Speaker and Coach. Using the same critical thinking that allowed her to synthesize cancer drugs in the laboratory, she founded MyndZen.com to be the bridge from stress and burnout to your most healthy, whole, powerful self. She helps clients use science and neurobiology to conquer toxic stress, defeat burnout, and live their best life.As a speaker, trainer, and integrative wellness coach, Tzeli brings science to life by reacquainting audiences with their own amazing internal neurobiology. She teaches practical ways and strategies that empower you to thrive in a stressful world without burning out. Her Brain Reboot: From Burnout to Peak Performance program is a client favorite for changing minds, brains, and lives for the better. You can learn more about it and join the waitlist to be the notified when enrollment opens for the next one here: myndzen.teachable.com/p/the-myndzen-peak-performance-lab2You can join her community at  [http://bit.ly/JoinMyndZen](http://bit.ly/JoinMyndZen)  for Tzeli’s free weekly stress reducing tools, tips, and resources delivered directly in your inbox.Topics we discussed include:* The life mission Tzeli decided on in childhood and how she got diverted from it.* The one thing she wishes was different about her life journey.* Painful events as motivators for transformation * How she got off course and why it took her a long time to course correct* Greek culture and how it’s been influenced by their history* The impact of social media on self-image* The power of pausing* Defining success (related quote: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm” - we weren’t sure who said it, but turns out it was Winston Churchill)Links:Epigenetics (CDC) - https://www.cdc.gov/genomics/disease/epigenetics.htmDan Siegel / Mindsight Institute - https://www.mindsightinstitute.comConnect with Tzeli:Email: tzeli@myndzen.comPhone: 916-212-3042Website:  http://www.myndzen.comInstagram:  https://www.instagram.com/tzelismyndzenLinkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/tzeli-triantafillou/Connect with Steve:Email - steve@sensitiverebel.comWeb - https://sensitiverebel.comYouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk7zd5kba1SQZOyM5sKKiVAInstagram - https://instagram.com/thesensitiverebel
Jun 30 2021
1 hr 6 mins
TSR014: Dr. Serena Sterling on Repressed Emotions, Pain, and the Mind-Body Connection
My guest for this episode of The Sensitive Rebel is Dr. Serena Sterling.  Serena is a certified Life Coach who holds a masters degree in International Journalism and a doctorate in clinical psychology, which she pursued because of her own experience of overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome and finding ways to alleviate her own chronic pain from years of living with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. In addition to her clinical work, which she does virtually with clients across the globe, Serena speaks on the topics of identifying and releasing repressed emotions as a means to alleviate pain and improve health & performance and is the author of the book Pain: A Love Story.  Sensitive Rebels aren’t all people who are highly expressive or overtly emotional. One of the reasons I wanted to have Serena on the podcast is because of her experience of having her emotional side be unsupported and being someone who coped with that by learning to repress her emotions. As you’ll hear, whether or not you allow yourself to feel your feelings, they’re still inside of you, and they’ll make themselves known in some form or other.Links to topics discussed:Reed College - https://reed.eduLouise Hay - https://louisehay.comLandmark Education Worldwide (Wikipedia) -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landmark_WorldwideAlexithymia (Wikipedia) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AlexithymiaWhat is an Empath? (Healthline) - https://www.healthline.com/health/what-is-an-empathConnect with Serena:Website - https://drserenasterling.comInstagram - https://www.instagram.com/drserenasterling/Book - Pain: A Love Story - https://www.drserenasterling.com/shop/p/pain-a-love-story-by-serena-sterlingConnect with Steve:Email - steve@sensitiverebel.comWeb - https://sensitiverebel.comYouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk7zd5kba1SQZOyM5sKKiVAInstagram - https://instagram.com/thesensitiverebel
Jun 23 2021
1 hr 10 mins
TSR013: Tom Garcia on Using Sacred Space to Connect with Your Inner Self
This episode is a bit different. You’re going to hear a lot about sacred spaces, ritual, and prayer today … but in more of a spiritual sense, not a religious one. Dr. Tom Garcia describes himself as a shamanic teacher and spiritual guide with a unique gift for helping people clear away the blocks that keep them from reaching their dreams and experiencing peace and happiness.Through wisdom born of personal experience and genuine humility, he helps people awaken, strengthen and deepen their connection within to rediscover their true voice and unearth their deepest calling.With the help of the mystical guides who led him to his own spiritual awakening, he uses clear guidance and gentle presence to move past fear and uncertainty into the light of your own wisdom.  He lives with his family in the mountains of Colorado.Topics discussed in today’s episode:* EST (Erhard Seminars Training), a personal growth program from the 70’s.* Tom’s transition from a Chiropractor to starting to develop fire ceremonies.* The roles of ritual and ceremony and importance of safe spaces in inner / personal growth work.* How our own views and biases distort how we see and interpret the world.* The importance of support system and familiar / comfortable activities in supporting one’s personal growth & development work.* Imposter syndrome and how it can impact and hinder our growth and development.Links:“We see the world not as it is, but as we are” - https://quoteinvestigator.com/2014/03/09/as-we-are/EST (Wikipedia) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erhard_Seminars_TrainingMarianne Williamson (author, spiritual leader, creator of A Course in Miracles) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marianne_WilliamsonOur Greatest Fear (poem by Marianne Williamson) -https://www.poemhunter.com/poem/our-deepest-fear-5/ Gary Renard - http://www.garyrenard.comLynne McTaggart - https://lynnemctaggart.comConnect with Tom:Web - https://reclaimthesacred.comConnect with Steve:Email - steve@sensitiverebel.comWeb - https://sensitiverebel.comYouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk7zd5kba1SQZOyM5sKKiVAInstagram - https://instagram.com/thesensitiverebel
Jun 16 2021
1 hr 11 mins
TSR012: Milda De Voe on Curiosity, Mistakes, and How to Write a Book While Being a Parent
My guest for this episode of The Sensitive Rebel is author Milda De Voe. In addition to founding  Pen Parentis, a literary nonprofit that helps writers stay creative after having kids, Milda (also known as M.M. De Voe), is a Pushcart-nominated author of short fiction, with work in the Shirley Jackson Award-winning anthology Twisted Book of Shadows and in literary journals in Israel, Great Britain, Canada, and the US, and in the anthology Delirium Corridors. Nominated for her fourth Pushcart in 2021, her first full-length nonfiction —  Book &Baby: The Complete Guide to Managing Chaos & Becoming a Wildly Successful Writer-Parent (Brooklyn Writers Press, 2021) — is an instructional guide that Midwest Book Review called “a mandatory read.” This book won first place in the 2021 Indie Awards for writing/publishing books. She is a Columbia University MFA graduate (and fellow) who studied under Michael Cunningham. She has also co-written the book of a sci-fi dance musical, won a NYC poet-tweet contest judged by the mayor’s wife, and has danced for the Pope in Vatican City. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, kids, and an urban rabbit. In this episode, we discuss her rebellion against 'anti-curiosity' (indifference is the word neither she or I could think of during the interview), the impact of growing up as the child of a scientist and an educator on her as it relates to her curiosity and her attitude about mistakes, her career progression to becoming a writer, the impact of 9/11 on her life, her new book, upcoming projects, and more.Related links:College Station TX (Wikipedia) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/College_Station,_TexasAggie Bonfire collapse (Wikipedia) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1999_Aggie_Bonfire_collapseMaria Montessori (American Montessori Society) - https://amshq.org/About-Montessori/History-of-Montessori/Who-Was-Maria-MontessoriChristopher Durang (Wikipedia) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_DurangAlexander Calder (SF MOMA) - https://www.sfmoma.org/artist/alexander_calder/Scribente Maternum - https://www.scribentematernum.comTiny Owl Press - https://tinyowl.co.ukDomenica Ruta - Last Day (Goodreads) - https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/41794726-last-daySarah Langan - Good Neighbors (Goodreads) - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/54304088-good-neighborsHelen Phillips - The Need - https://www.helencphillips.com/the-needConnect with Milda:Web - https://mmdevoe.comWeb (Pen Parentis) - https://www.penparentis.orgTwitter - @mmdevoeConnect with Steve:Email - steve@sensitiverebel.comWeb - https://sensitiverebel.comYouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk7zd5kba1SQZOyM5sKKiVAInstagram - https://instagram.com/thesensitiverebel
Jun 9 2021
1 hr 7 mins
TSR011: Advocacy Plus Persistence Equals Achievement with Regina Graziani
Regina Graziani, my guest for this episode, describes herself thusly: “I’m an attorney by education and training, and a mentor by passion. I love nothing more, if you don’t count calorie-free ice cream, than to assist learners to successfully transition into the legal profession and reach their professional goals. I am an advocate of, and have extensive experience, with paralegals and paralegal students, which is why I was chosen for my current role - Program Director, Paralegal Studies Program - at the University of Hartford. I regularly present on topics of interest to paralegals and attorneys, locally and nationally. I am a proponent of doing something that is difficult, challenging, and outside your comfort zone, every single day.”Regina’s story illustrates so many important things about finding success, from the importance and power of advocacy, whether it’s for oneself or for others, why persistence is essential for success, and how the right perspective on failure can make all the difference when life knocks us down. Topics discussed in today’s episode:David Goggins (Wikipedia) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_GogginsLymphatic Malformation (NORD) - https://rarediseases.org/rare-diseases/lymphatic-malformations/Apraxia (NORD) - [Apraxia - NORD https://rarediseases.org/rare-diseases/apraxia/Non-verbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) (Wikipedia) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonverbal_learning_disorderConnect with Regina:LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/reginagrazianiesq/Email - graziani@hartford.eduConnect with Steve:Email - steve@sensitiverebel.comWeb - https://sensitiverebel.comYouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk7zd5kba1SQZOyM5sKKiVAInstagram - https://instagram.com/thesensitiverebel
Jun 2 2021
1 hr 32 mins
TSR010: The Hidden Crisis of Birth Trauma with Krysta Dancy
My guest on this episode of The Sensitive Rebel is Krysta Dancy. Krysta is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has over seventeen years of experience in the field of psychology and trauma. In her office in Roseville, CA she provides compassionate and evidence-based care for a variety of fertility-related mental health issues with special emphasis on trauma and birth (for both provider and patient). She also serves as Co-Director and Clinical Supervisor at The Place Within (a nonprofit that makes community counseling affordable for those who may not otherwise have access.) Krysta founded The Birth & Trauma Support Center- a nation-wide organization dedicated to providing trauma-informed training to providers and professionals. From her lens as a certified birth doula and mental health professional, Krysta holds great optimism and warmth for each person in the birth room. Her work and passion is to see trauma-informed medical care become the norm, and to see providers and patients thrive.Topics discussed in today’s episode:Trauma-informed care - https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/trauma-informed-care-what-it-is-and-why-its-important-2018101613562EMDR (EMDR Institute) - https://www.emdr.com/what-is-emdr/Brainspotting - https://www.brainspotting.comNICU (March of Dimes) - https://www.marchofdimes.org/complications/the-nicu.aspxConnect with Krysta:Birth & Trauma Support Center - https://birthandtraumasupportcenter.orgPrivate Practice - https://www.counselinginroseville.comInstagram - https://www.instagram.com/krystadancymft/Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DancyTherapyConnect with Steve:Email - steve@sensitiverebel.comWeb - https://sensitiverebel.comYouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk7zd5kba1SQZOyM5sKKiVAInstagram - https://instagram.com/thesensitiverebel
May 26 2021
1 hr 16 mins
TSR009: Optimizing Your Energy with Bruce RossTSR008: Finding the Through Line with Walt HamptonTSR007: Creating Reverence with Anthony Stoker
My guest on this episode of The Sensitive Rebel is Anthony Stoker.  With over 25 years experience in the footwear industry, Anthony Stoker takes inspiration from the world of art and music, and works closely with an Italian family-run factory, to produce shoes worth cherishing. A collection imbued with captivating elegance, and founded on the values of longevity and reverence. Longevity; a quality that will last both physically and emotionally. Reverence; to inspire awareness and respect; for the craft and the craftspeople, and customers too.I first met Anthony a few months ago when I began my podcast journey. He has his own podcast, "The View From A Shoe", which is definitely worth a listen. In our conversation we talk about Anthony's journey into shoe design, the evolution of his own line of shoes, how he's balanced going with the flow and listening to his gut, and the role a children's book may have played in his career choice, among other things (like, for example, the band New Order and their album covers). Enjoy! Mentioned / discussed in today's episode:The Elves & The Shoemaker (Wikipedia) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Elves_and_the_ShoemakerAlexander McQueen - http://alexandermcqueen.comVladimir Kush - https://vladimirkush.comNew Order - https://neworder.comPower, Corruption & Lies (New Order album - Wikipedia) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power,_Corruption_%26_LiesTemptation (New Order song - Wikipedia) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temptation_(New_Order_song)Peter Saville - https://petersaville.infoBauhaus (Wikipedia) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BauhausConnect with Anthony:Web, Podcast - https://anthonystoker.comConnect with Steve:Email - steve@sensitiverebel.comWeb - https://sensitiverebel.comYouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk7zd5kba1SQZOyM5sKKiVAInstagram - https://instagram.com/thesensitiverebel
May 5 2021
49 mins
TSR006: Cultivating the Light of Your Genius with David MartinChoosing Weird with Karen Betts & Hannah Howerton
My guests on this episode of The Sensitive Rebel are Karen Betts & Hannah Howerton, the mother-daughter duo behind Lionel's Place and co-creators of the book The Little Lemon that Leapt. I've known them for a number of years and love what they're doing and the important messages they're bringing to the world about identity, self-acceptance, and value.Karen Sanders is the wordsmith and visionary behind Lionel’s Place. She is a bookworm from way back, and proudly touts the fact that she became a published author at age 7, when Wee Wisdom Magazine printed one of her poems. Karen has her BS in Journalism, with a minor in English. She is currently working on the second book in Lionel the Lemon’s series. Karen loves spreading her dad’s message of acceptance as she continues to use a little lemon to make a big difference.Hannah Howerton is the illustrator and creative director behind Lionel's Place. She is a lifelong doodler who finds inspiration in the great outdoors. After graduating from UC Berkeley, she knew she wanted to launch a business that would make a difference in this weird and wonderful world. She loves using pop art to promote messages near and dear to her heart.Topics discussed in our conversation:The story (and inspiration) behind Lionel the LemonThe ups and downs of creating (and promoting) their book & how their collaborative process works.Why 'dead ends' still have valueThe importance of 'embracing your weird'The question they ask themselves that helps them keep their motivation upThe impact of their school presentations on both students and on them. Why their book has been a hit with the neurodiverse crowdWhat's next for Lionel the LemonMr. Rogers - Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_RogersKickstarter - https://kickstarter.comPBS - https://pbs.orgMeet the Robinsons - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meet_the_Robinsons...and more!Connect with Karen & Hannah:Web - https://lionels.placeConnect with Steve:Email - steve@sensitiverebel.comWeb - https://sensitiverebel.comYouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk7zd5kba1SQZOyM5sKKiVAInstagram - https://instagram.com/thesensitiverebel
Apr 21 2021
1 hr 7 mins