Netsweeper & Niagara Networks Partnership

Netsweeper: Inside The Sweeps

Dec 1 2020 • 28 mins

Learn More About Netsweeper and Niagara Networks Joint Solution

Niagara Networks and Netsweeper join forces to solve challenges with unprecedented agile integration in a unified high-performance platform to enable full packet visibility and content control for carrier-grade environments. Niagara Networks’ serves as mediation layer visibility toolkit that captures all traffic of interest at any rate, from anywhere in the network, and delivers laser-precision flows from packet broker to Netsweeper for comprehensive internet content classification, filtering, reporting and threat detection.

Zeev Draer and Yigal Amram from Niagara Networks and Hisyam Halim from Netsweeper join me on the podcast to discuss the partnership and the  joint solution.

Feel free to reach out to any of the guests to learn more about Niagara Networks and the partnership.

Zeev Drear: zeevd@niagaranetworks.com

Yigal Amram: yigala@niagaranetworks.com

Hisyam Halim: hisyam.halim@netsweeper.com