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Season 2 - We cover the numerous unsolved deaths of sex workers and missing persons cases in and around the city of Lawton, Oklahoma.

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S1 E4 - Jennings 8 - Interview with Chris Lehman
Mar 3 2020
S1 E4 - Jennings 8 - Interview with Chris Lehman
Our guest speaker today is Mr. Christopher Lehman, originally from Jennings, Louisiana; from 2013-2015 he served as a Commissioned Reserve Law Enforcement Officer for the Jennings Police Department (JDP). •He was a Louisiana Army National Guardsman.•He served in the Navy as an engineer on several Nuclear Submarines, rising to the rank of Chief Petty Officer (E-7) and retired after 21 years of service.•He served as a Federal Government Civil Servant, Naval Sea Systems Command, Director of Logistics, retiring for a second time as a (GS-15), for combined public service of over 32 years. •He earned a Bachelor Science from Excelsior University, Albany New York.•He earned an Advanced Management Program Certification from, The Tench Francis School of Business, US Navy Supply Corps School, Athens Georgia. •He holds Professional Certifications in Program Management, Logistics and as an Acquisition Professional. •Currently he’s staffed as a Program Manager for a Defense Contractor located in Washington, DC. •He is happily married to Angela Lehman of Columbia Maryland.•He has six adult children residing in New York, Virginia, California and Alabama.•He’s already authored one book called Mother, “Watching Me Grow From Heaven” and been published in several national Newspapers to include The Washington Post, with a featured essay titled, A Submariner’s Tale, “Terror At Sea”. - He is currently authoring a book called "Neighborhood Watch in the Bayou."