Wednesdays Get Centered


The one concept that unites the worlds of music and of productivity is Flow. Throughout history, thinkers and artists have accessed their Flow States to create the important works that move us forward as a people. Often music is a key influence or inspiration. Derek Beres hosts one of the great minds–productivity gurus, mindfulness experts, founders, and artists—as they share their thoughts on Flow and the music that influences and inspires them. Each shortcast features three tracks suggested by the guests. Listen to snippets and learn the tips & tricks of high performers as they discuss Flow through the lenses of art and science.
#17: Federico Drei - Hardware in an Age of Remote Work#16: Christophe Vandeputte - Speed Up By Slowing Down#15: Carl Pullein - Mastering Time Management#14: Morgan Balavage - Breathing Through Anxiety#13: Todd Henry - Harnessing Creativity#12: Angela Howard - Discovering What's Humanly Possible#11: Corey Haines - Mastering Marketing#10: Mohit Mamoria - Actually Reaching Inbox Zero#9: Diane Allen - Achieving Peak Performance#8: Jonathan Tzou - Games Bring Us Together#7: Ali Abouelatta - How Startups Acquire Their First 1000 Users#6: Kent C. Dodds - Improving the World Through Software#5: Jerome Hardaway - Helping Veterans Find Work & Meaning...in Coding#4: Luke Burgis - Mimetic Desire & Flow States#3: Daniela Corrente - How to Achieve Financial Independence#2: James Beshara - The Value of Mental Wealth (And How to Get It)#1: Sriram Krishnan - Getting Into the Zone & Broadening Your Skill Set