Romans 1:1-4, 4:24-25, 8:11 -The Easter Gifts

Biblical Principles for a Better Life - Pastor Kris Davis

Aug 11 2019 • 28 mins

Just after World War II, a Methodist leader in London named William Sangster contracted a disease that gradually paralyzed him. Eventually even his vocal cords were paralyzed. On Easter Sunday—his last Easter on earth—his daughter came to visit. Using stiffened fingers, he scribbled a message: “How terrible to wake up on Easter and have no voice with which to shout, ‘He is risen!’ ” Then, pausing a moment, he added, “Far worse to have a voice and not want to shout.” We feel like shouting today because this is Easter, and Christ has risen from the dead. But just what does that mean to us here, now, in this twenty-first century? The answer is in the Book of Romans, Paul’s definitive statement of Christian truth. Three times in Romans the apostle Paul cites the great implications of Easter.