Thyroid Hair Loss Connection

Nataliia Sanzo and Kimberly Vaughn

Two experts on a mission to bring awareness to the connection between thyroid and hair loss. Join your hosts, Nataliia Sanzo, a registered dietitian, a.k.a Nashville Thyroid Expert®️, and Kimberly Vaughn, a national trichologist and certified nutrition and hair loss coach! Learn practical solutions to hair growth, thyroid healing, and balancing hormones with holistic nutrition, quality supplements, and the latest treatments. We will discuss evidence based-models leading to the root cause of your hair loss and thyroid disease. We will incorporate the importance of gut health, diet, nutrition, and lifestyle protocols. Our episodes will feature industry leaders in functional and integrative medicine, experts in health and nutrition, and actual clients who will share their stories and practices that work.

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S1 E17 - GI MAP test and Single Hair Analysis for gut health and hair loss
Aug 2 2022
S1 E17 - GI MAP test and Single Hair Analysis for gut health and hair loss
If you experience hair loss with normal thyroid levels and normal blood work, then you need to hear about these two tests that Kimberly and I offer in our clinics. We will share all the details about the GI MAP stool and Single Hair Analysis tests.You can schedule a free consultation call to see if the GI-MAP™ will provide you the information you need to get to the root cause of your symptoms HERETo learn more about the Single Hair Analysis Test and receive a 90-day customized program to a healthier scalp, less hair shedding, follicle stimulation, and more growing hair.  Click HERE  References:Tang Q, Cheng J, Cao X, et al., Blood-based DNA methylation as biomarker for breast cancer: a systematic reviewexternal icon. Clin Epigenetics 2016; 8: 115.McCartney D, Stevenson A, Hillary R, et al., Epigenetic signatures of starting and stopping smokingexternal icon. EBioMedicine 2018; 37:214-220Questions/Comments? We look forward to your emails! Connect with us:Nataliia Sanzo, RD, LDN, CHWC Book a FREE discovery call: all.purpose.nutrition Vaughn, WTS, ITS, CNC, MBA: Consultations with Kimberly: HPIHair with us:Kimberly Vaughn, WTS, ITS, CNC, MBA: www.hpihairpartners.comConsultations with Kimberly: Sanzo, RD, LDN, CHWC www.allpurposenutrition.comIG: all.purpose.nutrition We look forward to your emails!