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The Mycelium Network Podcast with Chris Mills - Episode 020
Dec 7 2022
The Mycelium Network Podcast with Chris Mills - Episode 020
In this final episode of season 1, I speak with technical writer and legend of the web, Chris Mills. We talk about trying something new, not being scared to take a leap of faith, and finding your tribe. The importance of being positive and kind, treating people with respect and empathy, and giving back through mentorship. We talk about the importance of great documentation and a well-defined process when running an open-source project. We end by sharing our favorite noisy music artists and the importance of pushing for immediate action concerning the environmental catastrophe. Correction: Only 3% of open source contributions are from Africa, not 17% as mentioned in the episode. In Chris' own words Chris is an Englishman, living in the grim Northern wastes near Manchester. He’s an Independent tech writer, web technology tinkerer, and open standards advocate. Chris is currently running his own tech writing consultancy — Mills docs Limited; previous employment credits include Okta, Mozilla, W3C, and Opera. He is a passionate believer in the power of the open web as a great leveler in terms of education, accessibility, and employment. Outside work he is a heavy metal drummer, amateur guitarist, keen cyclist, and cultivator of an awesome family. Social The Mycelium Network DiscordThe Mycelium Network on GitHub Links Open Web standardZX Spectrum 48 PlusBioinformaticsApressFriends of EdBruce LawsonJeremy KeithEstelle WeylMDN Web DocsOktaGeocities and MySpaceScreen Capture APIChromiumGitHub DocsOkta for GoodLex Friedman podcast with Magatte WadePractical accessibilityYoutube Music playlist Supported, recorded, and produced by Mechanical Ink.