Podcast Episode 28: What Good Is a Sad Backhoe?

Reckoning Press Podcast

Oct 9 2022 • 25 mins

Subscribe via RSS, Google Podcasts, Android, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Apple or Amazon. Welcome back to the Reckoning Press Podcast! We surface briefly from hiatus to bring you the last piece of fiction from Reckoning 6, Luke Elliott's "What Good is a Sad Backhoe?", read by the author. This is one of the most relentlessly hopeful-in-the-face-of-everything stories in the issue. We are all going to need a lot more like this. I daresay you need it right now. First, may I briefly update you as to Reckoning's status? We won four Utopia awards! Hooray! Congratulations to Priya Chand, Remi Skytterstad, Leah Bobet and Cécile Cristofari! The fundraiser this summer was a success (and will be low-key ongoing)! You donated enough to raise our rates to 10 cents a word in 2023, and to help us qualify for public charity status! Thank you! Read more at reckoning.press/support-us. Our special issue on bodily autonomy, Our Beautiful Reward, edited by Catherine Rockwood and with vulva monster cover art that is just... mwah... is available for preorder as of today! It comes out in ebook on October 16th, and as usual, new content will be appearing online weekly thereafter. And then Reckoning staff will get to work in earnest putting together Reckoning 7, our oceans issue, edited by Priya Chand, Octavia Cade and Tim Fab-Eme, which comes out in the new year. After that: maybe back to a regular podcast. For now: [Bio below.] "What Good is a Sad Backhoe?" by Luke Elliott