Podcast Episode 27: A Song Born

Reckoning Press Podcast

Aug 10 2022 • 59 mins

Subscribe via RSS, Google Podcasts, Android, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Apple or Amazon. Hey, yes, it's me, Michael J. DeLuca, and today on the Reckoning podcast I will be reading you what turns out to be the last of our Utopia Award nominees that will appear here, Remi Skytterstad's novelette about the colonization of the Sami people of Norway, "A Song Born". We had six nominations total, but the last two are for Tracy Whiteside's artwork series "Too Hot to Handle", which is awesome but doesn't translate well to audio, and for Reckoning 5 itself, thanks to editors Cecile Cristofari and Leah Bobet, without whom we wouldn't have been able to bring any of this amazing work to light. As with Oyedotun's story last week, though I have had ample help from Remi, I must ask you to bear with my clumsy pronunciation and assume responsibility for any f-ups. Voting for the Utopia Awards is open now through August 21st. Please go vote? You can find the link here at reckoning.press or on twitter. And our fundraiser is still on, and I'm very pleased to announce we have passed the threshold that will allow us to raise payrates to 10c/word, $50/page for poetry. Hooray! And thank you! Now we get to move on to other worthy goals like paying our staff more than the token honorarium they currently receive, and putting out a print edition of Our Beautiful Reward, our forthcoming special issue on bodily autonomy, edited by Catherine Rockwood. We have now laid eyes on the vulva monster Mona Robles made us for the cover, and it is brain-scramblingly good. You can find out how to help make that happen at reckoning.press/support-us. [Bio below.] "A Song Born" by Remi Skytterstad