31. Why Soil Health Can Be a Sustainability Game-Changer, with Lizzie French

The FARMSMART Podcast, presented by Nutrien Ag Solutions

Sep 28 2022 • 30 mins

Having their hands in the dirt is nothing new to farmers in North America. But it turns out they're not the only ones "working the field." In every cubic inch of soil, there's a miniature ecosystem living, breathing and feeding—and the health of that ecosystem can have a vast impact on crop yields, water retention and even the overall success or failure of a given planting season. So in this episode, we're talking to Lizzie French, a principal scientist at Nutrien Ag Solutions' Champagne, Illinois research lab, for a critical year-end overview on ensuring next year’s soil health, and how that can reduce our reliance on other inputs. We'll talk about soil sampling, cover crops and other critical tools to ensure that your soil is working for you, plus hear about her incredible background as the daughter of missionary parents that sparked her interest in soil management practices. Plus, Tom and Sally discuss equipping growers with the terminology and tools they need to discuss sustainability practices with consumer products groups, and why that's so important in 2022.