26. How Supply Chain Disruptions Are Impacting Agriculture Inputs, and What To Do About It, with Mat Taylor

The FARMSMART Podcast, presented by Nutrien Ag Solutions

Jul 13 2022 • 33 mins

The agriculture industry isn't the only one grappling with massive supply chain disruptions right now. But any grower can tell you they're feeling the pinch in the cost of their inputs, which have risen as a result of a cascade of global pressures and unexpected interruptions. So in this episode, we talk to Mat Taylor, Senior Director of Procurement at Nutrien Ag Solutions, about his experience managing the company's fertilizer supply chains. He'll help us understand what's causing the disruptions, how ag inputs are shipped around the world, why economic sustainability is an important factor in long term decision making, and how growers can take steps today to help address tomorrow's potential supply chain issues. Plus, Tom and Sally will discuss notable news from Indigo Agriculture, which has announced that its carbon farming program has produced 20,000 tonnes in soil carbon credits that it will sell as emissions offsets to buyers including JPMorgan Chase, Barclays and the North Face. They are the first agricultural soil carbon credits to be verified and issued by the Climate Action Reserve, a non-profit registry with the distinction of being the largest state-level climate market. Read more about the story here.