21. What This Year's Slow Start to Planting Means for Nitrogen Applications, and a Visit with National Corn Growers Association VP Nathan Fields

The FARMSMART Podcast, presented by Nutrien Ag Solutions

May 4 2022 • 33 mins

Farmers are the original conservationists. But over the last 20 years, the agriculture industry has gotten much better at telling its sustainability story. And one organization that's helped lead the way is the National Corn Growers Association. So in this episode, we talk to Nathan Fields, NCGA Vice President of Production and Sustainability, about how the association is working to protect the future of agriculture by putting grower-driven solutions front-and-center in the national discussion. Nathan also lays out NCGA's sustainability goals: land use efficiency, reduced soil erosion, water use efficiency, energy efficiency, and reduction of greenhouse gases. Plus, Tom and Sally have an update from the Nutrien Ag Solutions retail team out in the field, and it sounds like poor conditions are causing a late start to the planting season. It means many growers will have to adjust their nitrogen application plans, and we'll discuss how. As a result, the deadline to apply for the Nutrien Ag Solutions Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes program has been extended to May 31. Learn more about Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes and see if you qualify.