11. Getting to 75 Million Acres: How Partnerships Support Ambitious Sustainable Ag Goals, with Sarah Fox

The Future. Faster. The Pursuit of Sustainable Success with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Dec 15 2021 • 32 mins

Nutrien Ag Solutions can't get to its ambitious goal for sustainable ag program and practice enrollment all on its own. It's going to take a dedicated group of partners to reach 75 million acres by 2030... not just grower and industry partners, but NGOs too. So in this episode, Sarah Fox, Director of Sustainable Ag Strategic Partnerships at Nutrien Ag Solutions, joins us to lay out why it's so important for the company to foster these nontraditional relationships. We highlight that growers have often been on the front lines of sustainability, but how Nutrien Ag Solutions and its new partners are making sure that the ag industry is better positioned to tell its ESG story to the world. And, it's that time of year when growers can enroll in sustainable ag programs for the year ahead. Tom and Sally talk through some of the best options available to them, and highlight some factors that growers should consider as they weigh their options.