6. Farm Data Collection, Complexities & Compliance Tools, with Jack Brodshaug, Senior Principal Digital Agronomist

The FARMSMART Podcast, presented by Nutrien Ag Solutions

Oct 6 2021 • 30 mins

While return on investment (ROI) is top-of-mind for growers and their trusted crop consultants, Tom and Sally reiterate the true value of sustainable ag practice implementation and why 1-2 changes can be tough to calculate among a wide array of growing season conditions + factors. Specifically, how the two hot topic practice changes (cover crops and no-till ) can provide value above and beyond carbon program eligibility.  Also in this episode of The Future. Faster, Tom and Sally are joined by Jack Brodshaug, Senior Principal Digital Agronomist at Nutrien Ag Solutions to discuss the value, potential complexities and needed future advancements of farm data collection and analysis, plus he elaborates on the details of the industry’s first program that puts value on a growers farm data – and what growers will need to participate. Jack also shares his firsthand knowledge of Agrible - Nutrien Ag Solutions' proprietary sustainability digital platform that uses predictive agronomic forecasts and sustainability metrics generated from field-level data to improve operational efficiencies, generate new revenue streams from sustainability programs and ensure long-term success for future generations. All listeners are eligible to enter project code "nutriencarbon" into the Agrible Sign Up Page to begin utilizing the free platform today. Visit futurefaster.com to learn more. We'll have new episodes every other week, so make sure to subscribe in your favorite podcast app.