How to spend time on your own brand? - Marc Acton - Episode #29

Agencies That Build

Nov 29 2021 • 1 hr 2 mins

Founder, CEO, and Chief Strategist for Alpha/Echo Agency, is a boutique marketing firm that helps exceptional companies grow, launch, and build. Alpha/Echo Agency is a group of smartisans—an unagency, fighting the good fight against unawesome work.

Discussion Points:

  • What myth or bogus strategy do you want to bust? 1:39
  • What type of work agencies don't think that they can do for themselves? 4:19
  • How do you spend time on your own brand?  7:33 and 48:19
  • Tell us about how you got into this business. 28:16
  • What was the idea behind going after startups? How did that go? And where are you now? 30:00
  • How have things changed w/COVID? 37:25
  • How do you do your pricing with your customers? 41:30
  • What frustrates you the most with the clients? 49:52
  • What is one of the biggest mistakes that you've ever made? 54:40
  • What keeps you up at night? 58: 22


  • There are two ways to be a product based agency; one is to create your own product and the other is to have a revenue share or partner based model.
  • The problem with applying yourself to your own marketing is there's a farther distance between revenue generation.
  • If your efforts aren't tied to compensation, or employee success metrics, then they're going to fail miserably.
  • The success metrics are really tied to two things: 1: Manageable, achievable goals that you're setting for yourself. 2: The overall success of the company (in each budget).
  • The system is only as good as the execution. - Marc Acton
  • There's two things that make a system successful: 1: Are people actually looking at it like that's the value of the system? 2: If you make it punitive, you're almost assured of not having success.
  • The Great work would speak for itself.- Marc Acton
  • One of the tricks with clients is giving them two options, give them the one you like, and give them the one they asked for. - Jessie


Busted Myths:

  • Agencies can't work for themselves.