Rethinking the American Dream - Nancy Lyons- Agencies That Build #022

Agencies That Build

Jun 29 2021 • 1 hr

Nancy Lyons is the Co-founder and CEO of Clockwork, a Minneapolis-based design and development agency of thinkers and doers. They transform businesses by uniting people, processes, and technology around business solutions.

  • Starting as an agency at present, data is your best friend. With Market analysis and research, you can accurately determine your strengths by figuring out where you fit? Who you are talking to and what do they want?
  • Be mindful of your strategy and revisit it in a timely manner. Regular conversations about strategy will help you formulate a roadmap to follow.
  • “I often tell people that sometimes we're limited by the limitations of our prospects or our clients' understandings, because they call us when they need what they think we do.” - Nancy
  • “When you're able to clearly articulate absolutely what you do, and the value that your prospects can expect from that absolute thing. I think it makes it much easier to drive interest in your brand and your offering.” - Nancy
  • When you’re building a business plan start by figuring out what is it that you’re trying to accomplish? What do you want? What is your business focus? How do you expect to scale?


LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/nancylyons/

Clockwork - https://www.clockwork.com/

Nancy - https://www.nancylyons.com/

Busted Myths:

  • The American dream that hard work and perseverance are a sure-shot way of making it big in the country and it’s never about the privileges.