The Benefits of Executive Coaching | w/Former HealthCare CEO & Executive Leadership Coach/Consultant, Rita Johnson-Mills

The Phylanice Nashe Experience

Dec 24 2021 • 23 mins

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Summary: On this episode Host Phylanice Nashe has a very insightful  discussion on the process and  benefits of Executive Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders with Former HealthCare CEO & Executive Leadership Coach/Consultant, Rita Johnson-Mills . Rita shares her personal story of humble beginnings to Corporate CEO. She also defines what characteristics make a successful leader, what Executive Mentorship and Coaching looks like, how she's cultivating the next generation of black and brown leaders and having those difficult diversity conversations at the highest levels of leadership.

Listen in to this very informative discussion .  You'll be inspired to get the coaching and support you need so you can successfully lead your business & balance work and family!!!

Discussion Topics:

  • Impact of COVID
    • Omicron's Here
    • Personal Loss
    • Boosted for Professional Travel
  • Origin Story - 360 Degree Experience
    • Humble Beginnings, on Medicaid w/ Factory Job
    • About to Lose the Factory Job - Enroll In College
    • The Ohio State University Experience
    • Influencing Medicaid Public Policy
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Mentorship & Coaching Path Began While In Corporate America
  • Leadership
    • Developing New Leaders
    • Having Difficult D&I Conversations in the Board Room
    • Characteristics of A Good Leader or Executive
  • Work/Life Balance
    • Any Regrets  Pursuing Corporate Aspirations?
    • One Parent Must Be Dominate In Your Children's' Lives - Who Will That Be?
  • Nugget of Wisdom:
    • Set Parameters - Reclaiming Your Time!

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