"I Saw It Coming": How I Turned My Layoff Nightmare Into My Entrepreneurship Dream | w/Mompreneur and Executive Process Improvement Consultant, Domonique Townsend

The Phylanice Nashe Experience

Dec 10 2021 • 27 mins

YouTube Interview Video: The Phylanice Nashe Experience YouTube Channel
Summary: On this episode Host Phylanice Nashe has an inspiring discussion with up and coming entrepreneur, Domonique Townsend, owner & CEO of We Optimize Work. Domonique shares how an unexpected (but not unexpected)  lay off from her lucrative corporate job (her family's sole source of income) pushed her to jump head first into Entrepreneurship and her husband's support in that decision.

Listen in to this story of resilience and grit.  You'll be inspired to pour life into your business and successfully balance work and family!!!

Discussion Topics:

  • Impact of COVID
    • Pivot the Business from In Person to Virtual & Balance HomeSchooling!!
    • Mompreneur - Figuring Everything Out!!!
    • Providing Support for Mompreneurs - How Can I Support Mom's With Businesses?
  • Origin Story - Engineering, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Process Improvement Expert
  • The Vision - "I'm About to Be Laid Off"!!!
  • Taking The Leap -  No Financial Plan, Saving or Benefits
  • Husband Supports The Dream - He Went Back to Work!!
  • "We Optimize Work" is Born
  • Proprietary Software Developed
  • Work/Life Balance
    • Prioritize - "Family Comes First": Husband and 4 Children
    • Communication: With Spouse & Children
    • How Are You Showing  Up At Home/
  • Nugget of Wisdom:
    • Be Of The Business, Not In The Business
      • Be Clear On Your Vision
      • Seek Guidance, Not Validation
      • Do My Processes Support My Vision?

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