Which is the Best Matrix System for Class II Restorations – PDP053

Protrusive Dental Podcast

Dec 28 2020 • 51 mins

TIME SENSITIVE - 50% off Maciek's Online Contact Point Ambassador Course! Click here https://youtu.be/xVWlZbzSrKE Need to Read it? Check out the Full Episode Transcript below! It's the big debate in General Restorative Dentistry: Which is the best Matrix band to rule them all? In the red corner we have the trusty circumferential Siqveland and Tofflemire bands that got us through dental school and have served billions of restorations...but surely they have no place in contemporary adhesive Dentistry anymore? In the blue corner, we have the sexier, younger sectional matrix systems that are the future (and hopefully the present for many of you!). But even within this category, there is a plethora of choice. Are bioclear celluloid matrices the King of Class II composites to create beautiful, voluptuous contact areas with an enviable seal and an Instagram worthy photograph? Or are the tougher, heavyweight metal sectional bands the one true matrix to rule them all? 'But there are so many brands!', I hear you cry. You've got Palodent, Garrison, Tor VM to name just a few. Surely one is champion? We haven't even started talking about the plethora of Restorative Rings yet to get the ideal separation and adaptation of the matrix - even they differ from brand to brand. It's no wonder that it's sometimes easier just to pick the disposable circumferential matrix band and be done with this restorative debate... Oh but the wedges! Wooden? Plastic? Teflon floss? Wait, what? Yes you read that correctly. Maciek Czerwinski shares with us the Teflon Floss technique as a substitute for a wedge. It IS very likely the perfect Wedge! https://youtu.be/mEYpDtSNJUg Ladies and Gents: The Teflon Floss Technique! You're welcome. Most importantly, what is the best matrix - ring - wedge combination! If you have ever struggled with an open contact, an imperfect cervical seal, a collapsed matrix band or a cheeky wedge entering your cavity (hopefully not all for the same restoration), then this episode will blow your mind. As promised, the Matrix Selection System: Matrix Selection System has really helped me with Decision making for Class II Composites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u16rST2H5sk Teflon Floss Technique Check out Maciek's impressive Facebook page to stay up to date! Be sure to sign up to the newsletter for episode updates! If you are in the UK and Ireland and want to avoid fake Tor VM matrix bands from eBay, buy from a reputable source: Incidental Ltd If you enjoyed this episode, you might like Rubber Dam with Harmeet Grewal! Click below for full episode transcript: Opening Snippet: And probably like 1 of 20 ideas, 1 is good. So like teflon floss technique is really something that really changed my approach for matrixing and to be honest, I just switched almost completely like from the traditional plastic or wooden wedge to the teflon one... Jaz's Introduction: Class two restorations are not easy, let's face it. Matrix selection and matrix adaptation is only easy if you don't use magnification, I mean the first time I start using magnification, that's when I started to notice all these gaps and imperfect cervical seals on my matrix bands. And then we start getting into wedge modification, wedge selection, wedge enhancement with ptfe, rubberdam inversion, these little fiddly details will drive you nuts. You know what? All these challenges are part of the beauty of daily bread and butter dentistry. Protruserai, we've got an absolute treat day, were really going to give so many gems thanks to Maciek Czerwinski I mean, you're going to absolutely love this episode because for me, class two restoration, I love doing, okay? Because they're not easy and take it's taken me years to master and I'm still learning and I'm still improving, day by day, thanks to awesome dentists like Maciek Czerwinski, who's so selfless in sharing these tips like every little daily challenge that you c...

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