You're Wrong About

Sarah Marshall

Sarah is a journalist obsessed with the past. Every week she reconsiders a person or event that's been miscast in the public imagination. read less

Our Editor's Take

The past is an interesting phenomenon. While much of recent history is well documented, that doesn't mean it is all accurate. Luckily, this podcast is here to set the record straight. You're Wrong About is a history podcast with a difference.

Many of the things accepted as true are only partly factual. They're altered by elaboration, missing context, and fuzzy details. Sometimes, these half-truths are intentional. Other times, the passing of years affects how people recall events. The outcome is often the same—incidents from the past become misconstrued and misremembered. Elders, parents, and even learning institutions may teach them incorrectly. Soon, tiny inconsistencies become ingrained as historical facts.

Some of these inaccuracies relate to small, inconsequential happenings. Others have shaped national perception and even policy. Journalist Sarah Marshall, the host of You're Wrong About, has both in her sights. With fresh takes on well-known events and insights into the obscure, You're Wrong About is an absolute must-listen.

This podcast is on a mission to provide accurate historical context to past events. Each week, a new event or person is under the investigative microscope. The goal is to reexamine it in light of public perception and historical facts. The result is often a new understanding of how things actually happened.

This podcast is for those who love history and understand the past is anything but simple. You're Wrong About is not afraid to tackle the controversial. It also has no problem taking a deep dive into the trivial. As a result, the podcast is diverse, engaging, and educational.

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