EP 014: How to Create Your Future | Don Rea, PGA of America Secretary

The Golf Professional Growth Project

Jul 29 2021 • 49 mins

You likely know him now as the Secretary of the PGA of America, in line to be the President of the Association in just a few years.  Don Rea's background and his experience as an owner/operator of Augusta Ranch Golf Club have provided him with a unique perspective that we don’t often see in PGA leadership.  He’s a creative programmer, he knows how to build relationships, and he understands the importance of creating a winning culture on his team at Augusta Ranch.  Following from afar, I have been optimistic about what Don can bring to the PGA of America, and this conversation only reinforced that belief.

What does Don think about one of the biggest challenges we face today as an Association, recruiting and retention?  Let’s find out.