EP 002: Leadership, Management, and How to Hire Well | Ryan Hawk of The Learning Leader

The Golf Professional Growth Project

Aug 4 2020 • 54 mins

Ryan Hawk has emerged as an authority on leadership after nearly 400 interviews of some of the most talented and accomplished leaders today in his top rated podcast, The Learning Leader.

During this wide ranging conversation, Ryan discusses:

What systems for managing his work and life can he not live without, his morning routine and how he manages work and home.

What he would say to someone that thinks leadership isn’t worth their time.

Pay special attention to his advice about hiring.  So many of us are in charge of hiring people, but it’s not something we get any formal training or coaching about and Ryan goes into detail about how to hire better.

Be sure to check out Ryan’s podcast and his new book "Welcome to Management".  This is a terrific resource for not only new and aspiring managers, but anyone that is in charge of others.

Follow Ryan at www.learningleader.com or on Twitter, @ryanhawk12.

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