Hear These Words: Episode 0

Hear These Words

Sep 9 2022 • 6 mins

Sunday Ready is now Hear These Words!

In the beginning, Good Shepherd Episcopal Church created a podcast. And it was good. It included discussion about the coming Sunday readings. It gave context and meaning to sacred stories. People liked it.  Except it wasn’t really a podcast, but a video. And you couldn’t listen to it in your car very well. Good Shepherd realized digital media needed to be sorted by its kind, and so, Hear These Words – a true podcast – came to be.

Hear These Words is a weekly podcast from Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Tequesta, FL hosted by Derek Larson, Associate Rector, and David Dixon, Youth and Family Minister. Each week Derek and David discuss the passages of Scripture assigned for the upcoming Sunday according to the Revised Common Lectionary with guests from within the Good Shepherd community and with colleagues from around the nation. Listen to (or watch) episodes each Tuesday at www.GoodShepOnline.org or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.