Ep60: Re imagining software for businesses ft. Appsmith

Founders Unfiltered

Aug 18 2022 • 54 mins

Founders Unfiltered Ep-60:  Brought to you by the Founders Unfiltered podcast by A Junior VC - Unscripted conversations with Indian founders about their story and the process of building a company. Hosted by Aviral and Mazin.   Join us as we talk to Abhishek Nayak, the Co-Founder & CEO of APPSMITH about their story.   Abhishek Nayak is the co-founder and CEO of Appsmith. After earning his degree from BITS Pilani in 2010, he went on to co-found businesses like Gharpay, Wise Mobile Technology, and Bicycle AI. He also served as director of product for Ezetap Mobile Solutions. About APPSMITH: It is the first open-source low-code tool that helps developers build dashboards and admin panels very quickly. It's a platform that helps businesses build any custom internal application within hours. The business was established in the middle of 2019, and its open-source software has been downloaded more than 5 million times by users at more than 1,000 businesses in more than 100 countries.   For more visit - https://ajuniorvc.com/podcast/