Ep 59: Reimagining Content Consumption ft. Inshorts

Founders Unfiltered

Jul 31 2022 • 51 mins

Brought to you by the Founders Unfiltered podcast by A Junior VC - Unscripted conversations with Indian founders about their story and the process of building a company. Hosted by Aviral and Mazin.   Join us as we talk to Deepit Purkayastha, the Co-founder of Inshorts about their story. Deepit is a computer science and engineering graduate from IIT Kharagpur, where he started building Inshorts in his final year of college along with his co-founders from IIT Delhi. He previously worked as an intern with Goldman Sachs during his college days.   About Inshorts: Read the latest news with Inshorts in less than 60 words related to business, sports, Bollywood and technology in India and worldwide in English and Hindi.   For more visit - https://ajuniorvc.com/podcast/