Turning Back to Traditional Toys | Sarah Baldwin, President of Bellaluna Toys | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E37

The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast

Aug 3 2022 • 59 mins

Sarah sings us the most beautiful little song in this episode!!! It's SO lovely and heartwarming. Goodness, there is so much in this hour. We talk about rhythm and why it's espeically importat in the early years. We discuss how every seven years we reach a new stage of development - and this occurs throughout our life! We touch on heirloom quality toys, open-ended toys, and the characteristics of traditional toys. We touch on creating our own village because we were never meant to parent in isolation. Music is woven into this epsiode as is the power of being present and the important reminder to set our phones down more when we're with our children.

You've gotta listen! There's so much here!

We recorded this is honor of the 20th anniversary of Bella Luna toys and so as president Sarah walks through her three career stages and that is fascinating as well.

All in all, you'll walk away with so much.

Happy 20th anniversary, Bella Luna Toys!!! Check them out here: https://www.bellalunatoys.com/

Check out Sarah's blog here: https://www.bellalunatoys.com/blogs/moon-child-blog-sarah-baldwin

And watch some of Sarah's YouTube videos here: https://www.youtube.com/c/SundaywithSarah