You’re Not Allowed To Say The ’S’ Word - A Heartstopper Podcast

Luke Sibson

’You’re Not Allowed To Say The ’S’ Word - A Heartstopper Podcast’ is the small Pod which is big on heart and HUGE on Heartstopper! Host Luke Sibson is joined by the Yellow and Blue Crew - a wonderful group of young, and not quite as young, folks - as they rewatch every episode of the hit Netflix series ’Heartstopper’ and share their thoughts, feelings and their own Heartstopping experiences. Join them each week as they take a different episode of Heartstopper, analyse it, maybe sometimes have a little cry about it, and pick out favourite lines, top fashion picks and those moments that made our hearts flutter the most. Look out for bonus episodes with special guests and deeper discussions. Keep in touch on Instagram to share your thoughts, ask questions or perhaps even guest on future episodes: @mr_s_teaches or @flx_wrestler read less
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