Slow Style Home

Zandra Zuraw

The Slow Style Home podcast is for you if you don't want your home to look like everyone else's, but you're not sure how to pull of a stylish eclectic look;  if you want to know when to save and when to splurge so you stop wasting time and money, and if you care about the health of our planet and want to get of the disposable decor hamster wheel.   On the show you'll learn about Slow Style, my framework for creating a home you love, without breaking the bank or following the trends, no creative experience necessary.  You'll also hear interviews with some of the most inspiring professionals working in interiors in the US and abroad to inspire and motivate you to start making your dream home right now.

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How To Get Your Partner On Board: Dana Che on Resolving Relationship Disputes
Jan 29 2024
How To Get Your Partner On Board: Dana Che on Resolving Relationship Disputes
During our insightful discussion on the podcast, Dana Che continually emphasized the concept of a "win-win" mentality while dealing with home-related conflicts among couples. Rather than trying to make one partner conform to the other's preferences, Dana offered strategies that encourage understanding, compromise, and finding mutual ground.Dana expertly pointed out that navigating home decor conflict is not just about overcoming disagreements over furniture, pull-overs, or wall paint. It's more of a deeper issue that includes respecting each other's preferences. In dealing with disagreements over TV placements, chores or aesthetic choices, the idea is not to find a winner but to create a solution that pleases both parties.She offered unique suggestions that encourage a "win-win" scenario in all aspects. For instance, if one partner prefers a dark room for nightly events while the other partner prefers a bright and lively room, she suggests solutions like blackout curtains that can cater to both preferences.This "win-win" approach fosters respect and harmony in the relationship. It reinforces the idea that understanding and compromise are crucial for a peaceful living environment. Dana's conversation starters provide another tool to initiate these necessary discussions for couples. Through her advice, it's apparent that when both partners feel heard and respected, the home becomes a peaceful place where everyone's preferences are acknowledged and respected.Dana Che Williams is a speaker, marriage and relationship coach, and the host of the Real Relationship Talk podcast where she helps people uncomplicate relationships and build deeper connections. On the podcast, she is known for her graceful candor, humor, and encouraging yet challenging relationship advice. Dana holds a B.A. in communication from Regent University. She shares her life with Shaun, her husband of twenty-four years, their four amazing children, and their “multi-cultural” dog in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA. Connect with her on Instagram @mrsdanache or her website at @mrsdanache Website“Conversation Starters for Couples in Conflict” The Style Matters podcast is now Slow Style Home! Click here for the latest episode.