The Making Of A Design Book: An Inside Look At The Publishing World

Slow Style Home

Jun 19 2024 • 28 mins

In this episode of the Slow Style home podcast, I take you behind the scenes of my journey in writing a design book. Despite my experience interviewing design book authors on my podcast, I knew very little about the editorial and publishing industry. Feeling burnt out from the podcast and desiring a new project, I decided to pursue my idea for a book based on my 'slow style' philosophy.

The journey was challenging; I hired a book proposal coach, navigated feedback from publishers and agents, and faced the hurdle of a low social media following. After overcoming many obstacles, including rebuilding my Instagram account from scratch due to hacking and negotiating photo usage rights with various photographers, I eventually signed with an agency and secured a book deal with Gibbs Smith.

The process of writing the book was both daunting and exhilarating. Now, I've completed the manuscript and photography, with the editing process up next. I’m also excited about my plans for an engaging book tour, aiming to create memorable, inspirational events for readers. My journey thus far has been educational and fulfilling, and I look forward to sharing more details as the project progresses.

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