Breaking Boundaries for Entrepreneurs

Jeffrey Mort

Welcome to Breaking Boundaries, the groundbreaking podcast for Entrepreneurs that can transform your mind, body, and business with the power of integrative health.

Jeffrey Mort, Integrative Health Practitioner, Consulting Hypnotist and widely considered a leader for coaching entrepreneurs to optimum wellness and performance, hosts this podcast that is specifically designed for Entrepreneurs who are looking for that unfair advantage.  By uncovering  underlying root causes and limitations, you'll discover how to break through your boundaries in health, mind and business.

Whether you're struggling with stress, chronic health issues, lack of energy, low confidence and self worth or simply looking to take your personal performance and business to the next level, Breaking Boundaries will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration you need to begin your sustainable transformation.

Drawing upon the best of modern science and ancient wisdom, each episode of Breaking Boundaries will delve deep into the world of integrative health and brain science, exploring the latest research, proven practices, products and techniques for achieving optimal health and new ways of being. From wellness and longevity,  to unlocking the power of the subconscious mind, this podcast will offer actionable steps to keep you healthy, focused and performing at your best.

Now that you're ready to break through your limitations and become your future self in life and business, join us on Breaking Boundaries. Together, we'll transform your mind, body, and business with the power of integrative health.

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