S1 EP8: Redefining Rest and Success

Got Value? Podcast

Jan 26 2022 • 55 mins


Jasmin Forts, Founder of A Sisters Siesta, joined Alechia Reese for the conversation, “Redefining Rest and Success.” Relishing in rest requires clarity and for you to define what you need and what your priorities are and make decisions that align with those needs. Gone are the days where we are martyring ourselves for a dollar. This episode centers on rest and how powerful our impact can be through purposeful rest.


“A lot of people have no clarity because we’re so busy and worn out.”

“Even with powerful glasses, when you’re not clear you render them inoperable.”

“Honor what works for you.”

“Your well of opportunities don’t dry up because you introduce a boundary.”

“Define you for you, if it doesn’t fit within your boundaries, adjust.”


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