Has hybrid changed your culture?

Changing the World of Work

Mar 22 2022 • 30 mins

Organisations are changing and adapting their working styles following the pandemic and the periods of time everyone spent working remotely. Many are embracing hybrid working, so how is this affecting the way they work, and is it affecting their culture?

Hear this first-hand account of how the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Manchester is adapting, using a pilot of new ways of working to learn what works best and how this is impacting its culture.

We also explore the power of having a working together agreement, co-created by those that will use it, and how it helps to strengthen many aspects that make teams more effective and productive – such as trust, cohesiveness and a willingness to share information and knowledge. Developing a working together agreement reinforces aspects such as the trust that developed during the periods of lockdown, where people showed beyond a shadow of doubt that they could be trusted, and managers started to adapt their management style.

AWA Host: Karen Plum

Featured guests:

  • Margot Power, Faculty Change Manager, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Manchester
  • Lara Al Ansari, Organisational Behaviour Associate, AWA
  • Josh Sumner, Workplace Strategist & Change Management Consultant, AWA

AWA Report: Change for Good – 10 lessons from the pandemic

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