We've come a long way

Changing the World of Work

Dec 28 2021 • 27 mins

In keeping with tradition, this is our look back over 2021, reflecting on how the world of work is changing.

We have gathered a collection of highlights, insights, inspiration and advice from the wonderful guests that appeared on the podcast - change managers, workplace strategists, people experts, tax and employment law specialists, workplace transformation experts and business leaders. We look at aspects ranging from climate change to the vital role that managers play in the operation of hybrid working.

In addition to deep insights, there are also magic moments where we are counselled to set ourselves an “extremely hairy, audacious target” for space reduction; to  “never have your back to your people”; and to listen hard to them because “the thing is almost never the thing”. Whatever they bring to you is rarely the real issue – and only by the power of listening and conversation does the real problem emerge.

The key takeaway and thread across the podcast, is the importance of communication. It sounds so simple – just talk to each other. But so often it’s a neglected, underrated activity and a skill that needs work.

We wish you a very healthy, safe and successful 2022 and thanks for listening to our podcast.

AWA Host: Karen Plum

Featured guests:

  • Andrew Mawson, MD, AWA
  • Lisa Whited, Senior Associate, AWA
  • Lara Al Ansari, Associate, AWA
  • Adria Horn, Executive VP, Workplace, Tilson Technology Management
  • Brad Taylor, Director of Consulting, AWA
  • Sue Warman, VP, People, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Ainsley Wallace, President & CEO, University of Southern Maine Foundation
  • Celeste Tell, Senior Associate, AWA
  • Gervais Tompkin, Founder of Plus Gervais LLC
  • Chris Hood, ex-Director of Consulting, AWA
  • Pierre-Louis Godin, Sustainable Business Manager, Emitwise
  • Philippa Hale, Senior Associate, AWA
  • Partha Sarma, Senior Associate, AWA
  • Anne Balle, Senior Associate, AWA
  • Hannah Crisp, Senior Associate – Employment, Allen & Overy LLP
  • James Hourigan, Partner / Global Employer Services, BDO

AWA Guest details: https://www.advanced-workplace.com/awa/about-awa/the-team/

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