Let's hack the workplace

Changing the World of Work

Dec 21 2021 • 31 mins

After 20 months of Covid, and looking back on the mediocre workplaces that we’ve all experienced, what does the future hold? The balance of power certainly seems to have changed, and people feel empowered to make choices about where they work on any given day. Many are opting to work more of the week from home than in the office.

This is causing some consternation in organisations. There is anxiety about the loss of culture, socialisation, collaboration and innovation through not having people in the office enough of the time. Whether any of these things are actually true, there is no doubt that the option to go into the office some of the time, to see and interact with colleagues is an important part of most people’s world of work.

How then can we draw people back to the office? Can we make it “better than home” for the right types of activities? How do we create a sense of purpose that people can connect to? How can we show people that we value them? Can we make the workplace hackable, so people can customise it to their needs? And can we make a significant contribution to climate change, by reducing the amount of space we occupy and therefore the amount we continue to heat, light and resource.

All of this and more (including bathrooms!) in this episode.

AWA Host: Karen Plum

Featured guests:

  • Lisa Whited, Senior Associate, AWA
  • Clark Elliott, Senior Associate, AWA
  • Chris Hood, ex-Director of Consulting, AWA
  • Gervais Tompkin, Founder of Plus Gervais LLC

AWA Guest details: https://www.advanced-workplace.com/awa/about-awa/the-team/

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