Can we really work anywhere?

Changing the World of Work

Nov 9 2021 • 29 mins

In pre-Covid times, many organisations had very informal arrangements with employees who worked some or all of their time away from the office. Often, managers were the only ones that knew who was working remotely – HR departments had no need to record details or keep track of arrangements.

However, some employees now want to work remotely in a different country from the one in which their employer is based. Some apparently don’t even tell their employer before they leave the country!

This situation can open the employer and employee up to a whole raft of obligations, costs and taxes, depending upon where the employee works, where the company is based, how long the arrangement is going to last, and even the importance of the individual to the business.

Don’t sleepwalk into this situation! Our experts explain why employers need to carefully consider a range of aspects, so they can make conscious choices about what is right for their organisation and employee/s. Above all, you need a policy framework in this area, to protect you from nasty surprises which can range from additional cost to downright illegality.

AWA Host: Karen Plum

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