#67: Leaving Law Behind (My Story)

Life & Law Podcast

Jul 5 2022 • 49 mins

After last week’s episode, I thought it important to share my own story about leaving law behind. Not just for those of you who might be considering the same thing. But for anyone who might be wrestling with the possibility of making a big change to their lives. Because change is uncertain. And uncertainty creates anxiety – even fear. I hope that sharing how I navigated through my own anxiety, fear and worries will be helpful for you whenever you face those same things. **** Ready To Become A Happily Successful Lawyer? Book a call with Heather to find out how she can help here: https://www.lifeandlawpodcast.com/free-call/ *** For show notes and all links, go to: https://www.lifeandlawpodcast.com/podcast/leaving-law-behind/